Solar battery tariffs in the UK

Since the discovery of electricity, we have sought techniques to conserve energy. There are multitude of energy storage technologies that contributed to electricity stability ranging from grid balancing to broader ones.

Energy storage technologies are around since the past decade, however solar battery storage has a growing importance in recent ages. Thermal Storage majorly used for electricity generation by utilizing the power from the sun even in the absence of sun shine. Batteries are energy reservoirs in solar power systems. These batteries are designed to store energy using off-grid solar energy systems, you can use it evening and night and also during cloudy weather conditions.

The growth of solar powers shows a significant rise in UK when compared to other European countries. There are few main reasons for this growth. The solar battery tariff in UK have been considerably reduced and there are more public subsidies for solar batteries. In addition, a substantial decrease in the equipment cost adds to their importance.

A recent study reveals that, the capacity of installed battery storage was 24 MW in January 2016. However, it is expected to show a momentous increase to 1.6 GW in the next 2 years. The industry could witness a huge increase in the capacity due to the decrease of incentives with renewable energy resources.

Gone were the days when solar panels were costing you a fortune. With tremendous considerations brought about in the feed in tariffs, residential building companies now get solar panels and solar battery storage for low as £4,000-5,000 in the current year. So, the homeowners are in the race to make use of domestic installations and get highly benefitted with feed in tariffs.

Why should you go for solar?

Although improving the environment and cutting the energy cost are vital reasons to go for solar yet the benefits of solar go beyond numbers. Few critical reasons are

  • Going solar, you are not only favouring yourself rather favour the environment
  • Installing solar panels is a great investment to save energy, besides improving your home value
  • In the current generation, energy costs are in the upsurge. There are areas still facing blackouts due to shortage of electricity. Turning solar is a lucrative alternative rather relying on utility providers
  • It is expected that feed in tariff still continue to drop. FIT rates were 3.76 p/kw in early April, however now it has come down 3.55 p/kw, a significant decrease. Still, people are anticipating more decrease of rates in the upcoming seasons.

The bottom line is, solar power has grown rapidly in Britain’s thermal storage technology after the substantial decrease in the solar battery tariff. So, all the households are in the solar coaster race to take advantage of the tariff benefits and use in the needed times.


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