New immersive VR documentary ‘Into the Now’ takes viewers into the ocean

Are you obsessed with the ocean, with its flora and endless variety of species? Or you are, on the other hand, so afraid of water you just do not even think about diving into the ocean, however, you have always been curious about it? On either side of the spectrum, there’s a new VR documentary that will blow your heads apart.

New immersive VR documentary “Into the now” takes viewers into the ocean. This new release is an invention of the genius Michael Muller in collaboration with Michael Smith and Morne Hardenberg. The documentary revolves around the story of the director who dives into the ocean without protection in order to overcome his long last fear for sharks. The incredible quality of the image is what makes it so attractive. Into the Now is a vivid immersive virtual reality journey in the deepest corners of the ocean without even getting wet.

Muller uses virtual reality to invite viewers who watch his documentary to feel as if they were diving inside the ocean with him so far. This format had a purpose: it has been discovered VR has positive features for people who suffer from anxiety or PTSD. In order to get an excellent quality image, Muller also used 9 large format cameras and a 4K stereoscopic 3D in order to make his experiences as real as possible for the public so far.

This ten-minute documentary has the power to trap everyone into the ocean and make its viewers sense as if they were swimming with Muller and the sharks around him. Into the Now is not only a stunning image and video production. It also has an important lesson of resilience to all its viewers. Muller, who has been said was afraid of sharks, dive into the ocean to swim with them and in the process found out an immense sense of tranquillity.

Into the Now premiered at Tribeca’s Film Festival in 2018 with the objective of talking shot overcoming fears as well as generating consciousness about climate change and environmental responsibility. Muller is well known for being a photographer of marine life. Ironically, before swimming with sharks he released his first photography book about this animal in 2016.

Let us just say this documentary is full of purpose, consciousness, excellence, and creativity with more than one powerful message. A short but purposeful documentary is a good way to describe Muller’s Into the Now.

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